About Us

Since 1990, we have served the personal transportation needs of thousands in our community. Our community has purchased serviceable vehicles from Town & Country Auto Sales or another of our affiliates, and we have provided financing for the purchases when desired and qualified.

                       OFFICE HOURS (excluding holidays):
                   MONDAYS TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS: 9am - 5pm
                       WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS: 9am-Noon                  
                           SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS: CLOSED

                      OFFICE TELEPHONE 601-983-2116


1. You may make your payment, with no added fee, in person with a money order or debit card at our offices during our OFFICE HOURS.

2. You may also mail a money order for your payment (or other correspondence) to us at:

                                    Financial Services of MS, Inc.
                                    PO BOX 16590
                                    JACKSON, MS 39236-6590

3. You may call in your payment to us by card or bank ACH charge during our OFFICE HOURS; but, pre-approval may be required and an additional $3.99 fee will be charged to you as a convenience fee for call-in payments. You may also call us and leave a message on our telephone messaging system at any time. You will not receive credit to your account for a call-in payment until we process it and receive the funds.

4. You may also initiate an on-line payment by clicking here; however, you must first have received authorization information from us.

All payment options, methods and locations may be restricted, altered or revoked at anytime.